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Happy Birthday, tobyfan!

Hope you have a lovely day! *hugs*
Recent posting have inspired me to jump back into LJ, we'll see how long my resolve lasts!

I recently got my first smart phone, mainly to have a camera. And surprisingly, I've started reading on it, something I never thought in a hundred years I would do. But it's very convenient at work. The first book I read was 'Gone Girl,' which I overall enjoyed, but wasn't thrilled with the last quarter or so. I didn't mind how it ended, though I imagine some people would have been very upset. Still pondering if I want to see the movie.


I finally got my husband to watch 'This is the End,' which I knew he would really like - and he did. Then we watched 'Neighbors,' a movie I wasn't too interested in watching but ended up laughing through the whole thing. I've not watched any other movies lately, which surprises me because after we got rid of most of our cable channels, I thought we'd watch more. But no.


My grandson had a very fun Easter, with far too much candy, which he absolutely does not need! That kid is a non-stop whirlwind as it is. Today his mom was trying to get him dressed and he was fighting her so hard I was holding his arms down for her. He tells me, "Me strong, Mamaw, me strong." Yep, just about too strong for me to handle...lol.

L and I watched 'Chef' the other night. It was a really good movie, imo. It was sweet and funny - Jon Favreau is great, and John Leguizamo was hilarious, I adore him! The music was fantastic, a lot of salsa and jazz  and some blue-grass - I'm going to get the soundtrack.

cut for spoilery talkCollapse )

I finally finished season four of 'Justified' and was going to start season five but...it's not on Amazon, at least not for free! I haven't checked out any other places I might be able to see it, but I better get on the stick if I want to catch up before the finale.

I read an article in EW where one of the show runners for 'The Walking Dead' said fans will either hate or love Sunday's episode. I neither loved nor hated it. I'm not a fan of that type of imagery, fore shadowing kind of stuff, but...meh.

I started watching 'Better Call Saul' but fell asleep - might go finish that and the next episode right now!

eta: I was wrong about Justified, I *can* watch on Amazon.


Just waiting for The Walking Dead, only fifteen minues...woo hoo!!

I actually went to a movie!

Just got back from seeing 'American Sniper.'  Lliked it very much. My only small quibble was that I wish they had spent just a little more time on his life after he came home, but all in all, very good. When the movie was over, my son asked if we should wait a minute or hurry and get out. I said we needed to wait a minute because I was bawling...lol. So, there's a start to me seeing the Oscar nominated movies before the Oscars. And, as God as my witness, I will see more than two! *raises fist to the sky* (Just read an article about Olivia de Havilland, obviously have Gone With the Wind on my mind!)

L and I went to the Comcast office yesterday to see about down-sizing our bill. We ended up keeping our phone and fairly good internet, but got rid of a lot of channels. I think my husband will miss them more than I will - he's a major channel surfer. We ended up getting rid of his car-show and music channels, also Comedy Central, the Cartoon Network, Bravo, Food Network, and Lifetime. *waves good-bye to Alton Brown, Tom Colicchio and Heidi Klum*

We completely got rid of TV in our basement and instead hooked up a blu-ray player to get Netflix, Hulu and other channels like that. It will just take a little getting used to, totally worth the $90 less we'll be paying!

Happy Birthday jackiesjunkie!

Sorry I'm so late - sounds like you had a really nice day. All the best for a great year!

Happy Birthday alinewrites!

Hope you had a lovely day, Aline! All the best to you!

Someone got something out of it...

When my nephew went to see the Hunger Games movie a couple weeks ago, he got a small promotional poster for 'The Interview.' When the cancellation of that movie's release was announced, he put the poster up for sale on e-bay and sold it for $140! Dude! 

Christmas cards!!!

If anyone has a new address, please leave it here (posts will be screened.) You can leave your old address here, as well, if you'd like a card. Seriously, I cannot keep track of my address book to save my life. I'm sure it will turn up eventually...

I almost decided to forgo Christmas cards this year, but I realized I would be unhappy with myself, and am I really that lazy?

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