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I'm finally getting caught up on some feedback. It's been bothering me for so long now, why don't I just do it when I read the story? Sometimes you need to think on what you've read, or reread a few times, but does that take over a month? Anyhow, I'm vowing to myself that I'll get caught up before the next Lyric Wheel starts.

I got past a sticking point in my Two Wrongs story, and now I think I'll be able to really roll on it. On the flip side, I'm so undecided on the direction for "Whose Price to Pay"...I've got three different scenarios playing out in my head. I've been considering just dropping it, it's too much like work, but I got some very nice feedback on it in the past week, and that's inspiring.


This evening I dropped a fork on my big toe, prong side down, right below my nail. It hurt, so much more than I could have imagined. I had two little red holes, one was just a pin-point, the other was bigger, bleeding freely. And yesterday S dropped a plate and it shattered into a million pieces, and it was Corelle! She got a little cut on the top of her foot...guess it's time for this hillbilly family to start wearing shoes.


I now have a new favorite opening death scene from SFU. My previous one was the lady getting her skull caved in when she stuck her head up through the sun roof of a limo. But tonight's was so Looney Toons...I loved it!


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