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Happy Birthday trillingstar!!

Hope you're having a great day, with all kinds of goodies and fun stuff!

Happy Birthday, rhymephile!

A day late, but that is my style...lol. Hope you have many good things come to you in the year ahead!

Happy Birtthday pride_of_erin!!

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, Erin! Hope you had a wonderful day - best wishes for you!

Title: Society Dropouts

Written for http://oz-wishing-well.livejournal.com/ Summer Lovin’ week

Notes: See previous post
Video, lyrics and credit at end of story

<lj-cut text="Society Dropouts as sung by Tim McManus and The Gays.">

Your story sad to tell
Criminal ne’er do wells
Such fucked up delinquents on the block
Your future’s so unclear now
What’s left of your career now?
Can’t even get a lawyer for a talk.

La la la la la la la la

Society dropout
No graduation day for you
Society dropout
Missed all opportunities out there for you

Well at least while doing all your time, you could try to clean your act up
Instead of spending all your time proving you’re such a fuck-up!

Come on get moving (Come on get moving)
Let’s keep those feeble hopes alive!
Let’s do some proving (Let’s do some proving)
I’ve got the dream now give me the drive!

If you go in for your diploma, you could join the prison job pool
Turn in your toothbrush shank and go back to high school!

La la la la la la la la

Society dropouts (Society dropouts)
Hanging around underneath the stairs
Society dropouts (Society dropouts)
It’s about time you got a scare

You think I can’t teach you anything
You think you’re such a badass
But when you get out you’ll fall flat on your fat ass(es)

Convicts let’s move it
You’ve got to learn to hold a job
Please don’t forget it
Don’t be part of the faceless mob

You think you’re tough, you play it rough, but still the world is cruel
Wipe off that sneering face and go back to high school!

Convict don’t blow it
Don’t put my good advice to shame
Convict you know it
Even the Warden’d say the same!

Now I’ve made the list, get off the tits, I really gotta run!
Gotta be going to get my paperwork all done!
Society dropouts (Society dropouts)

Go back to high school
Society dropouts (Society dropouts)
Go back to high school
Society dropouts (Society dropouts)
Go back to high school!


The video:


“Beauty School Dropout” sung in the movie by Frankie Avalon and the New Direction Girls.  Written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

Your story sad to tell
A teenage ne'er do well
Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block
Your future's so unclear now
What's left of your career now?
Can't even get a trade in on your smock

[New Directions Girls:]
La la la la la la la la

Beauty school dropout
No graduation day for you
Beauty school dropout
Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo
Well at least you could have taken time, to wash and clean your clothes up
After spending all that dough to have the doctor fix your nose up

Baby get moving ([New Directions Girls:] Baby get moving)
Why keep your feeble hopes alive?
What are you proving? ([New Directions Girls:] What are you proving?)
You've got the dream but not the drive

[Blaine with New Directions Girls harmonizing:]
If you go for your diploma, you could join a steno pool
Turn in your teasin' comb and go back to high school!

[New Directions Girls:]
La la la la la la la la

Beauty school dropout ([New Directions Girls:] Beauty school dropout)
Hanging around the corner store
Beauty school dropout ([New Directions Girls:] Beauty school dropout)
It's about time you knew the score

[Blaine with New Directions Girls harmonizing:]
Well they couldn't teach you anything
You think you're such a looker
But no customer would go to you unless she was a hooker!

Baby don't sweat it ([New Directions Girls:] Don't sweat it)
You're not cut out to hold a job
Better forget it ([New Directions Girls:] Forget it)
Who wants their hair done by a slob?

[Blaine with New Directions Girls harmonizing:]
Now your bangs are curled, your lashes whirled, but still the world is cruel
Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school!

Baby don't blow it
Don't put my good advice to shame
Baby you know it
Even Dear Abby'd say the same!

[Blaine with New Directions Girls harmonizing:]
Now I've called the shot, get off the pot, I really gotta fly!

Gotta be going to that, malt shop, in the sky!

Beauty school dropout ([New Directions Girls:] Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school
Beauty school dropout ([New Directions Girls:] Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school
Beauty school dropout ([New Directions Girls:] Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school

First, a quick apology/explanation:

When I started trying to come up with something for this Summer Lovin’ week, I was having a hard time getting any ideas I was really enthused about. Then I read trillingstar's entry a few weeks ago and thought, yeah, I want to do something like that. But I still needed inspiration and then the title of the challenge itself gave me the answer –  summer lovin, the first two words in the song Summer Nights from the musical/movie Grease, the quintessential song about summer lovin! And I had so much fun I picked another song from Grease. 

And then when I was putting everything together(at the last minute because that’s what I do) I realized that what I had written had nothing at all to do with the name of the challenge. *headdesk*

So instead of spending the day trying to hurry and churn something out that more closely fits, I decided to go with what I have. And so my entry will not be about ‘Summer Lovin’ ’ but it is inspired by those words.

I apology for being such a dingbat.

Title: Oswald Lovin' written for Summer of Oz, Summer Lovin' Week
Notes: These song parodies are based on the real songs of real people,
who get all the credit, I'm just having a little fun with them.
The actual lyrics and names of the writers are listed after each song.
I've also added links to videos of the songs from the movie.

Oswald Lovin' sung by Chris Keller and the Em City ChoirCollapse )Oswald lovin’ happened so fast
Oswald lovin’ I had a cast
Met a boy crazy ‘s could be
Met a boy spoutin kids poetry
And uh oh, those pod o’ love nights!

Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!
Tell us more, tell us more
Did you get very far
Tell us more, tell us more
Like does he have a car?

(No, ya stupid fuck, he’s in prison, how the fuck
would he have a car? Plus he’s in for vehicular
manslaughter so I doubt he’d be drivin’ anyhow.
Just shut the fuck up if you’re going to sing bullshit questions like that!)

He slept by me, had a nightmare
I helped him change, pretended to care
His wife died, I held his hand
Saw his kids, was a happier man
Vern's plan begun, I'm on a run
But uh oh, those pod o' love nights!

Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!         
Tell us more, tell us more
Like was he a fag?
Tell us more, tell us more
You shoulda’ seen him in drag

(Yeah, I heard about that. I don’t go for that shit, Toby’s all man. Vern’s a dick.)

He got friendly, after a shave
Told me he loved me, that was so brave
He was shy, his first kiss with a man
Well, he was good, almost messed up the plan
Prison heat, con and prag meet
And, uh oh, those pod o’ love nights

Tell us more, tell us more
Did you slip him the tongue?
Tell us more, tell us more
Can he get me someone?

(What the fuck does that mean? Like hook you up?
Are we in high school? I told you before, you better shut the fuck up!)

I went to the hole, showed off my rear end
When I got out I said we’re not friends
He got drunk, I pushed him down
Then Vern and I pushed him around
Toby, boy, you ripped out my heart…
But, oh –

Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold up there.

What the fuck, it’s not your turn yet.
No, but you said you and Shillinger “pushed him around.”
Really, you’re going with that? You busted that boy’s shit up, Keller!

You for real?

Fine, fine, Vern broke his legs, I broke his arms, happy? You know how
fucking hard that is to rhyme? Blow me. In fact,
I’m fucking done here. Everyone knows how it ends – like shit!
No sailing away in to the sun in a goddamned flying car
for us! I was the only one who did any sailing, over
the fucking railing! There, that rhymed, ya fucks!

Tell us more, tell us –

I said I’m done! Get the fuck out of here!



Summer Nights written by Anthony Warlow, John Farnham

Summer loving had me a blast, oh yeah
Summer loving happened so fast,
I met a girl crazy for me,
Met a boy cute as can be,

Summer days drifting away,
To, uh oh, those summer nights

Well-a well-a well-a huh
Tell me more, tell me more
Did you get very far?
Tell me more, tell me more
Like does he have a car?

She swam by me, she got a cramp
He ran by me, got my suit damp
I saved her life, she nearly drowned
He showed off, splashing around

Summer sun, something's begun
But, oh, oh, these summer nights

Well-a well-a well-a huh
Tell me more, tell me more
Was it love at first sight?
Tell me more, tell me more
Did she put up a fight?

Took her bowling in the Arcade
We went strolling, drank lemonade
We made out under the dock
We stayed up 'till ten o'clock

Summer fling, don't mean a thing
But, oh, oh, those summer nights

Tell him more, tell him more
But you don't gotta brag
Tell me more, tell me more
'Cause he sounds like a drag

Shoo-bop-bop, shoo-bop-bop, shoo-bop-bop, shoo-bop-bop
shoo-bop-bop shoo-bop-bop shoo-bop-bop YEAH!

He got friendly, holding my hand
She got friendly down in the sand
He was sweet just turned eighteen
Well, she was good you know what I mean

Summer heat, boy and girl meet
But, oh, oh, the summer nights

Tell me more, tell me more
How much dough did he spend?
Tell me more, tell me more
Could she get me a friend?

It turned colder, that's where it ends
So I told her we'd still be friends
Then we made our true love vow
Wonder what she's doing now

Summer dreams, ripped at the seams
Bu-ut oh, those summer nights!
Tell me more, tell me more!

just some stuff

Our washer bit the dust yesterday. It lasted many years, so I guess it was to be expected. We went and got another this morning - it seems to be a lot smaller than our other one, but it will work. Just have to tell my daughter to ease up on the huge loads she ususally does. So I only go about 2 1/2 sleep before I got up to go with hubby to get the washer. Now I have to stay busy or I'll just want to go back to sleep. I guess I could, but I hate sleeping the day away.


Speaking of number one daughter, she got fired this morning. She's been working at a place called Black Bear Diner. Yesterday she called in because she was throwing up all morning. They asked her to try and make it by 11:00. (she talked to them around 8:30) She threw up some more and fell asleep. When she woke up, it was after noon - she saw they had tried to call and she didn't return the call. So today they told her she was a no-call no-show and fired her. Whatever. She hated that job with a passion, and next week she's finishing her phlebotomy class so hopefully she'll be able to get something in that field soon.


We've been doing better giving Sammy treats. Yesterday he had cherry tomatoes and zucchini fresh from the garden. (but I wonder if that's what's giving him such horrible gas today...gag!)


I realized that the only shows I am making a point of watching this summer are three reality shows - Master Chef, and unexpectedly, Alone and Forged in Fire. Alone is a survival show - I think they started with ten guys, dropped off on an island in the Northwest, each in their own area with a small amount of gear and completely alone. They have to film themselves, no crew. There are four guys left after two weeks. It's pretty interesting to see the psychology of how they're handling it. It rains A Lot there, so there's that added stress. I think the next guy to go (they have satellite phones to use to tap out) will be the one (can't remember his name) who was talking about the mold growing on everything he has, clothes included.

And Forged in Fire is another elimation show with four different guys every week having to forge blades out of different types. I was pretty impressed, because I had no idea how that stuff is done. One week they had to use a big spring and another they had six small pieces of metal they had to fuse together. I'm completely surprised that I like this show as much as I do.

Oh, and we're also watching American Ninja Warrior. I do believe I'm turning into a dude!


Today we took a drive up in the mountains to stake out a spot for when we go camping in a couple weeks. On the way, we drove by Park City, and you can see the ski jumps from the 2002 Olympics and I started getting wistful, wishing that there were Olympics this year. And then when we got home, I found out that the Special Olympics are starting tomorrow! Now I just need to figure out how to watch them - online, I guess. Most of the time I don't mind the limited t.v. channels we have, but sometimes I do!

Fic: Oz Meme, written for Summer of Oz

Title: Oz Meme
Author: lisacali
Summary: Just a little light-hearted something to get a few of the guys together, give each other some shit, and work on McManus' last nerve. With a dollop of B/K to top it off.
Rating: pg13? Just for language, sexual situations (barely)
Written for Summer of Oz at oz_wishing_well

Oz MemeCollapse )

I didn't watch the news this morning, like usual, so I hadn't heard about the Supreme Court's decision until I got in the car. I turned to the morning show I always listen to and this is what I heard, from the ruling:

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.

The judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is reversed.

It is so ordered.


Also...hell yes!!

dog update

Baloo is finally seeming to feel better. Still not back to normal, but not shaking anymore, or so lethargic. Took her in and found out what I suspected, that she has bad discs. And that's why she wasn't pooping, because it hurt to bend her back and push.

Got three kinds of meds for her and had a hell of a time getting them down her. She wouldn't eat or drink anything we put them in, whole or dissolved. Got a pill popper, but my husband and I couldn't make it work. Stephanie to the rescue! She used the popper and had success! And I saw Baloo poop for the first time is six days! Hopefully she's gone before this, I'm just glad I finally know for sure.

We'll have to see how things go long-term. Her meds last three weeks, hopefullly it won't just happen again.


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